Why the Food Service Industry is Transitioning to Digital Menu Boards

Here at Future Communications, 2020 marks an addition to our wide array of exemplary audio/visual services. We’re so excited to share that we now offer digital menu board installations for commercial restaurant use.

As a byproduct of new technology trends, digital menu boards have emerged as an increasingly popular option in the food service industry. What exactly is a digital menu board? Well, think back to the last time you stopped into your favorite fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s, Chic-fil-A, Sheetz, etc. All have followed industry trends by going completely digital with interior menu boards that display menu options, marketing content, hours of operation and more.

By cycling in a quick, clear and organized format, digital menu boards benefit the restaurant while simultaneously enhancing customer experience. The digital displays help restaurants boost profits and reduce operating costs to ultimately create a formula for sustained success, and overall, they signify the future of signage in the food service industry.

Learn more about the vast benefits of digital menu boards below.

Updated Content

Most of all, digital menu boards provide content flexibility. If your restaurant offers different breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, digital signage allows for quick changes at a moment’s notice. You won’t need to change menus manually, which saves time and prevents customer confusion. As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is a dissatisfied customer who thought they could still get a breakfast sandwich because you forgot to switch to the lunch menu. You’ll no longer need to worry about that, though, because digital menu boards can be configured to change displays automatically.


The days of traditional signage are rapidly dwindling away. When content is presented on a bright, clear and hi-tech digital menu board, it’s undoubtedly more attractive to the eye of the customer. You can format your displays to fit your restaurant’s specific needs and highlight unique selling points, and even provide information in creative realms outside of written content (think interactive graphics, pictures and videos) that entertain waiting customers. In reality, your most popular menu item is worth more than words! A crystal-clear picture of 12 savory buffalo wings cooked to absolute perfection is a lot more enticing than a plainly written list.

Long-term Cost Reduction

If you’re a restaurant owner, it may be time to consider drastically changing your menu options to appeal to a different target audience and attract new customers. In the old days, doing so meant taking your chances on a risky investment of new (and expensive) signage. However, digital menu boards cut out those costs completely. With the freedom of complete autonomy over your menu, you won’t think twice about offering new items or trying new tactics on the fly, and can finally say goodbye to printing costs allowing for an increase in long-term profits.

Marketing Needs

Restaurants can use multi-purpose digital menu boards for marketing campaigns by advertising forms of promotional content that raise awareness about new menu items, seasonal deals, events, social media, employee spotlights and philanthropic efforts. For example, you can direct customers to like your restaurant on Facebook, spread the word about beer specials during Penguins games, or promote a charitable food drive during the holiday season – all in proactive interchangeable displays.

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