Whole Home Audio

For the music lovers out there, our wireless home audio installation services enable you to listen to the soundtrack of your life throughout your entire house. The best part? Home audio systems can be installed inside your home, outside, or both! While easily controlled through your smartphone, you can specifically optimize your audio to each room. Just imagine listening to your favorite 80s rock tune in the kitchen while your kids jam to the latest top-40 hits upstairs. The possibilities with single-source and multi-source whole home audio are endless.

The home audio systems we install work with streaming services like AirPlay, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Slacker, and more! They aren’t just optimized for music, though. You can use Amazon Echo and GoogleVoice recognition technology, as well.

Yamaha MusicCast brings diversity to multi-room whole home audio. This wireless home audio system is optimized to work with a wide range of AV receivers, soundbars, or single speakers to fit your specific needs and can always be easily extended to other rooms as your dream whole home audio vision comes to fruition. Yamaha MusicCast’s mobile app makes whole home audio customization efficient and easy!

Nuvo whole home audio guarantees an unparalleled listening experience from wired and wireless distributed audio solutions designed with the latest in streaming source variety and state-of-the-art intuitive control. It’s easy to install, easier to enjoy, and the perfect fit for any home.

Sonos is one of the most popular wireless home audio systems on the market. The smart speaker system streams all your favorite music services to single speakers, amplifiers, or sound bars throughout your home, controllable on both iOS or Android mobile devices and Mac or Windows desktops.

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