Backyard Entertainment Space

Outdoor Patio Design Guide

An enhanced backyard outdoor space can add the finishing touch on any dream home. But creating one isn’t always as simple as it seems. Think of the entire process like it’s a puzzle, There are several pieces that need to come together in order to maximize the design. 

Although once each piece is paired together, it’s quite a beautiful site. 

Future Communications is proud to team up with Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes to build amazing backyard outdoor space creations! Our combination of state-of-the-art outdoor A/V solutions and exterior design expertise help to augment backyards for clients throughout the Pittsburgh area. Read on for a residential outdoor design guide filled with ways we can piece together the backyard outdoor space  you’ve always imagined … but never thought was possible! 

Beautiful Pool Areas 

Usually, a dream backyard outdoor space starts with a luxurious pool area. Beautiful in-ground pools and hot tubs can come in many shapes and sizes equipped with controllable lighting, heating, pool decks, diving boards and other awesome amenities. 

Completing an entire pool project typically requires numerous moving parts – architects, contractors, plumbers, electricians, technicians and more. When each of them are hired individually, it’s not always easy for the entire group to be on the same page. It leads to miscommunication and is usually more expensive.

However, with Future Communications and  Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes, the entire team operates in synch. We’ll contract a group of talented trained professionals who are all experienced in completing pool installs together in order to ensure the finest quality service while still providing an affordable rate.

Hardscape & Landscape

There’s a variety of options to choose from when developing a master plan for the hardscape design and landscape design of the space surrounding your pool area.  Whether it’s brick-style, marble, flagstone, granite, cobblestone, cut stones, prototype combinations or more  – the hardscape possibilities are endless. The entire backyard outdoor space can be fenced in and gated, or open with retaining walls.  Add in walkways, illuminated waterfalls, fire pits and even an outdoor kitchen and bar. Future Communications and Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes can handle it all. 

Additionally, enclosing the hardscape with clean landscape – mainly trees, bushes, flower gardens, mulch beds, etc. – adds a beautiful aesthetic element to the entire backyard outdoor space that you, your family and friends will love.

Outdoor Audio and Video Products  

Once you have the design implemented, now it’s time to add in audio and visual electronics to the mix. Future Communications specializes in wireless outdoor audio/video systems that can take your backyard outdoor space to the next level.  Install HDTVs perfect for watching the Steelers win on Sundays, bluetooth music control through high-quality full-range audio perfect for hosting parties, LED lighting perfect for warm summer nights by the pool, and any other consumer electronic hopes and dreams you can envision.

The best part? Future Communications can connect wireless outdoor audio/video systems to whole home solutions for clients with wireless Smart Home technology – providing simplified total control throughout the entire backyard outdoor space. 

Interested in learning more about the services Future Communications and Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes can offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!