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How Future Communications Can Benefit Fitness Facilities

Equipping your fitness facility with the latest audio/visual technology, lighting and CCTV security camera systems is a must for gym owners who want to maximize their membership and operations. A fitness facility should provide members with a unique workout experience while simultaneously operating with a seamlessly effective process. In the high-tech times we live in today, synchronized solutions are essential to doing just that. 

You may not notice it during your workout, but technology integration has become a focal point of the fitness setting. From gym-wide wireless media and high-definition televisions to adjustable lighting and around-the-clock security, technology integration is what brings workout facilities to life. 

It’s what separates the best gyms from average ones. 

If you’re a gym owner, keep these benefits in mind for how your facility can reap the rewards of working with Future Communications.  

Member Experience 

The workout experience your gym provides is key for maintaining members and attracting new clients. This starts with an A/V entertainment system. Obviously, HDTVs should be hung in high, easy-to-see places throughout your facility – especially near cardio machines – and connected to a building-wide speaker system.  All can be controlled in one place through a touchscreen panel, smartphone or tablet for easy alteration if a member wants to switch the channel or change the music.  

Another unique feature of wireless video and audio is that it can be personalized to different sections of the facility. For example, your members can play their own music in private areas of the gym while your own playlist continuously plays in the common areas. And, from a video perspective, each television in your gym can display its own separate channel based on your member’s preferences. 

Advanced Classes 

With wireless A/V, your gym can offer advanced fitness classes like HIIT and spinning that are completely connected regardless of size. For large classes, a microphone worn by the instructor can be synched to the room’s speaker systems, while an HDTV displaying the instructor at the front of the room will allow everyone to see their demonstrations. These are the type of differences that allow members to get the most of their workouts. 

Another popular fitness trend today is the integration of special LED lighting effects during classes, which includes flashing neon lights synchronized to high-tempo music that creates an adrenaline rush for members to push through their spin session or Saturday morning boot camp. With customizable settings, the lighting levels can be constantly adjusted by a smartphone for on-the-go control.  

Safety and Security 

Every gym should have a CCTV camera system in place to maximize security with 24/7, around-the-clock monitoring. The cameras, which are viewable on a smartphone or tablet, serve as a valuable monitoring tool to prevent/respond to break-ins, identify theft, monitor employee behavior, and review footage of member disputes or workout-related injuries. The high-quality cameras we install can be strategically placed both inside and outside the facility to keep your gym safe and secure at all times.  

Does your gym need an upgrade? Future Communications can help. Our expert technicians will work with you to identify and install state-of-the-art products that fit your needs. Begin the process today by scheduling a FREE consultation through our contact form or calling 412-853-6953!