Retail Store Security

How CCTV Security Camera Systems Can Benefit Retail Stores

Did you know that American retail stores lose nearly $50 billion to theft each year? For retailers, an unfortunate reality exists: in all likelihood, your store has been a victim of shoplifting or employee theft. And usually, by the time the theft is discovered, it’s already too late to take legal action – leaving you forced to recover the cost of your stolen goods. 

Unless you have a CCTV security system in place. 

More and more retail owners are equipping their stores with the latest CCTV security camera system technology. Why? Security cameras produce a variety of benefits when it comes to preventing retail theft. For starters, they catch thieves in the act with footage that can be turned over to law enforcement as evidence. But we’ll get more into that in a second! The benefits actually aren’t singular to retail theft. From around-the-clock security surveillance to outstanding customer service, well-placed cameras will only increase the safety and efficiency of your store. 

Read on for five ways to utilize them! 

Preventing Retail Theft

Shoplifting is a real problem retailers face today. Even with strict PA laws and severe punishments, shoppers attempt to walk out with items they haven’t paid for all too often. For some, it’s even an addiction. As we mentioned earlier, security camera footage is a top form of evidence law enforcement can use to catch thieves in the act. They provide accurate descriptions of their appearance, the exact items stolen, how they were stolen, the time of the crime, and any other accomplices. In addition, people will be less inclined to steal from your store if they know they are being recorded by visible cameras. 

Preventing Internal Theft 

According to the National Retail Security Federation, employee theft accounts for approximately 42 percent of all stolen items and 35.3 percent of inventory shrink. Whether it’s swiping money out of the cash register or taking goods from stock shelves, employees are the ones who know the store best and therefore know how to get away with stealing. An optimized security camera system will allow you to monitor employees, cash registers, aisles and easy-to-miss areas like inventory storage rooms or break areas. As a store owner, you can’t physically be there at all times to monitor your employees, but security cameras give you the ability to do so from the palm of your hand. 

24/7 Surveillance 

A security camera system is perfect for keeping a watchful eye on your store when it’s closed. With both indoor and outdoor capabilities, all areas of the building will be protected from retail thieves who target stores during non-daytime hours or holidays. If you have a security staff, they can watch the cameras in-store and take action after a crime is observed. Or, you can monitor the cameras yourself from a computer, smartphone or tablet and synchronize them with an alarm system that immediately alerts authorities when triggered. 

Customer Trends 

As a retailer, identifying customer trends is an important aspect to the success of your business. With strategically placed cameras, you can assess the footage to pick up on customer behavior, like how they weave through the layout of your store. Based on the findings, you can then adjust your floor plan accordingly which, in turn, will help maximize sales. If you observe customers having a hard time finding popular items on a high shelf, you can move them to more convenient and hard-to-miss locations. 

Customer Service

You want your customers to enjoy their experience while shopping at your store, so customer service will play a major role in your day-to-day operations. With security camera systems, you can maintain Grade A customer service in your store by ensuring your employees are performing their jobs the right way while treating customers with respect. If they aren’t, it will be caught on camera, which can then be used against them for teaching moments or – in extreme cases – termination. 

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